The basics you should have in your closet

There is no time that is not the perfect time to dress nicely, fashionable but also basic. The effortless and flattering look, the light style that always fits, and also – at affordable and affordable prices. Everything that will help to look simply perfect and comfortable, this summer: the four summer tips, hot and worth it.

Three dresses – countless possibilities

If you want to always look stylish, varied, and different every time, get the most worthwhile and convenient trick there is. First of all, I stocked up on three basic dresses. Each dress you choose will be in a different shade, which you like and feel comfortable with. There is no shortage of exciting options, at excellent prices and with lots of chic and style. But equally important, the complementary accessories. In order to complete the performance and arrive with a new chic everywhere, combine each time a different accessory. It can be a beautiful necklace, a light hat or bandana, hot sandals, an exciting bag, or decent sneakers.


Light sneakers are not the style you don’t know. I’m sure you’ve heard of it and maybe you even have a pair of these in your closet. But you should know that in the summer sneakers are back in fashion in a big way. They go great with the effortless but comfortable basic look. You can go with them in a dress, skirt or jeans. They are suitable for work and also when you want to go to the cafe or pub with a friend.

Basic t-shirt with spectacular prints

This summer, it’s worth refreshing the wardrobe, with some new t-shirts. They don’t have to be strenuous, just choose spectacular prints that make you feel good in the heart and beautiful to the eye. Many women like to combine a t-shirt under a revealing dress, in situations where they want a presentable look and not too sensual or sexy.

Unisex female-male style

For women and men, this summer’s basic continues unisex fashion. Dressed in a feminine style – masculine, fluid, and dynamic. The style that blurs the boundaries of gender goes beyond the borders of Tel Aviv and is seen more and more outside of it as well. And what’s good about this style, is that it opens up a lot of additional options, of pants, shirts, tank tops, but also flip flops or sneakers for everyone.

Woman in beige t-shirt dress and bucket hat casual wear apparel

To learn more about fashion visit >> https://rutnews.com/category/fashion/ and https://hotven.com/category/fashion/ and https://yagoho.com/category/fashion/ and https://acrosle.com/category/fashion-lifestyle/

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