Radifrequency ultrasound operated electric medical massage tool for healt and body care.

Why suffer? Especially medical massages for you

Who doesn’t love massages, of all kinds? After the massage, the body feels peaceful and relaxed, but does this have an additional effect? When it comes to medical massage, the answer is yes, of course. This type of massage has physical and, accordingly, mental results. So what is a medical massage and how is it different from a regular massage? You are welcome to read about this and more in the article in front of you.

What is a medical massage and what is the difference between a regular massage?

Before starting a medical massage, it is necessary to diagnose exactly what the patient needs. The techniques will be determined specifically for that patient and his needs. Medical massage also combines techniques from other types of massages such as Swedish massage, deep tissue, and more. The massage itself is performed when the patient is lying on a treatment bed. This type of massage uses therapeutic oils.
Alongside this there is a normal massage, which is similar to a medical massage in some respects, but not in everything. When the main differences between these types of massages, mainly concern the purpose for which a patient came for a massage. While in a normal massage you mainly come to pamper yourself, in a medical massage it is therapeutic and related to a physical matter that needs to be taken care of.

in conclusion

Medical massage is a fun and liberating way to give the body what it needs in a specific way. The massage is conducted similarly to a normal massage, except that here there is a clear goal, what the patient’s need is, and a specific adaptation of the treatment and techniques for him. While in a normal massage you mainly come to enjoy, in a medical massage there are other goals.

Bearded man having hand massage in spa salon

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